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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a yard display?

Please visit our BOOK NOW TAB. We will send you an invoice once we have checked availability for your date. If you have any questions before or during placing your order please use the chat now option, call us 218-461-5353 or email us at

Where will the sign be placed?

We choose the best location possible for visibility as well as photo opportunity.
There could be issues such as: utility boxes, extra hard ground, automatic lawn sprinkler systems, tree roots and landscaping that could dictate placement. In those situations, we will use our best judgment as to location.
If there is a specific location you'd like for the sign to be placed, please let us know when you order and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is your refund policy?

We are unable to refund if ...

  • You make an error on your order, we can normally replace your order at a discount. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we can correct the errors or text 218-461-5353.

  • We are unable to get into a gated community because we were not given a code or it doesn't work.

  • The homeowner or recipient does not allow us to set up the sign or calls us to request that we pick up the sign prior to the end of the rental period.

  • If a dog or other animal is threatening or refuses to allow us onto the property.

  • If it is raining but safe for us to deliver. If the weather conditions prevented us from delivering the yard display a full refund or new occasion date could be provided.

  • We are unable to deliver due to the property if there is not enough dirt to stake our yard display.

  • All signs are property of Signage by Jen LLC. You are responsible for any damage.

Rental Policies

1. For the safety of everyone, especially children, please DO NOT allow anyone to play on or around the yard display. Our display items will not safely support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting or playing on it. We are not responsible or liable for any injury involving a yard display while on the renter's property. Upon ordering a yard display from Signage by Jen LLC, the homeowner accepts responsibility for the yard display while on the renter's property.  

2. Please call should the sign lean in high winds, 218-461-5353

3. Please do not remove the yard display, the safest space for them is in the ground.

4. Please do not throw the yard display in the garbage or vandalize our signs. Even if you do not like the display gift given to you, these items are our property and business. It is best to notify the honoree to not harm the display, as you are still responsible for it

5. If you have a lawn crew, please arrange for them to come on a date that letters are NOT on the lawn. Grass clippings will stain the display.

6.Pictures of the lawn display will be used for marketing purposes.

7. If you need to reschedule your date, we will do our best to accommodate.

8. It is the customers responsibility to discuss with HOA, if the sign needs to be removed due to restrictions a refund will not be provided.

9. Please do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. In the even a balloon would pop while attached to the sign, the latex may melt to the sign on a sunny day causing permanent damage. If you notice any dame to the sign, please notify us at 534-344-7446 immediately. 

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